The Geographical Curiosities


Local Quadripoints



Tropoje, Has, Kukes, Puke


Mendoza, La Pampa, Rio Negro, Nequen


Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Manitoba, Saskatchewan


Gamprin, Eschen, Schaan, Planken


Adrar, Tagant, Brakna, Trarza


Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas


Bukidnon, Davao, Davao del Sur, North Cotabato

Misamis Oriental, Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur, Bukidnon


Arusha, Tanga, Morogoro, dodoma


Soriano, Flores, San Jose, Colonia


Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona


Local Enclaves and Fragments



Australian Capital Territory - Two fragments separated by New South Wales

New South Wales - Two fragments separated by Australian Capital Territory


Tyrol - Fragment separated by Salzburg


Hainaut - Fragment separated by West-Vlaanderen

Limburg - Fragment separated by Liege


Hebei - Fragment surrounded by Beijing and Tianjin


Cote d'Or - Fragment between Nievre and Saone-et-Loire

Hautes-Pyrenees - Two enclaves in Pyrenees-Atlantiques

Nord - Enclave in Pas-de-Calais

Vaucluse - Enclave in Drome


Baden-wuerttemberg - Two enclaves in Hesse

Brandenburg - Six enclaves in Sachsen-Anhalt

Bremen - Two enclaves in Niedersachsen

Hamburg - Enclave in Schleswig-Holstein

Hamburg - Islands of Neuwerk and Scharhorn (The state is surrounded)

Hesse - Enclave in Baden-wuerttemberg

Sachsen-Anhalt - Enclave in Brandenburg

Schleswig-Holstein - Enclave in Hamburg


Imathia - Enclave in Pieria


Saint Martin - Fragment between Forest and Saint Andrew

Saint Sampson - Fragment separated by Vale

Torteval - Fragment separated by Saint Pierre du Bois


Asahrep - Fragment separated by Rangarting

Grimsnes - Two fragments separated by Blaskogab

Hafnarfjordur - Fragment separated by Grindavik

Isafardar - Two fragments separated by Stranda

Kopavogur - Two fragments separated by Reykjavik

Reykjavik - Fragment separated by Mosfells


Assam - Enclave in West Bengal

Dadra and Nagar Haveli - Enclave in Gujarat

Daman and Diu - Two coastal fragment separated by Gujarat

Gujarat - Enclave in Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Madhya Pradesh - Enclave in Gujarat

Madhya Pradesh - Two enclaves in Uttar Pradesh

Pondicherry - Enclave in Andhra Pradesh

Pondicherry - Two enclaves in Kerala

Pondicherry - Fragment in Kerala

Pondicherry - Thirteen enclaves in Tamil Nadu *

Pondicherry - Three fragments separated by Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu - Nine enclaves in Pondicherry

Uttar Pradesh - Three enclaves in Madhya Pradesh

West bengal - Enclave in Assam

* Fourteen if a joint administration area is considered to be Tamil Nadu

Isle Of Man

Malew - Fragment separated by Castletown

Rushen - Fragment separated by Port Erin


Arezzo - Enclave in Pesaro E Urbino

Benevento - Enclave in Avellino

Caltanisseta - Enclave in Palermo

Enna - Enclave in Caltanisseta

Matera - Enclave in Potenza

Palermo - Enclave in Agrigento

Perugia - Enclave in Pesaro E Urbino

Rimini - Fragment seperated by Pesaro E Urbino

Terni - Fragment between Perugia and Siena


Wakayama - Fragment between Nara and Mie


Saint Helier - Enclave in Trinity

Saint Saviour - Enclave in Trinity

Trinity - Enclave in Saint Helier


Balzers - Fragment between Triesen and Triesenberg

Balzers - Fragment separated by Triesen and Triesenberg

Eschen - Fragment separated by Gamprin

Gamprin - Fragment between Eschen, Planken, Schaan and Vaduz

Planken - Enclave in Schaan

Planken - Fragment separated by Schaan

Planken - Fragment between Gamprin and Schaan

Planken - Fragment between Schaan and Vaduz

Schaan - Enclave in Planken

Schaan - Fragment between Gamprin and Planken

Schaan - Fragment separated by Triesenberg

Schaan - Fragment separated by Triesen and Triesenberg

Triesenberg - Fragment separated by Vaduz

Vaduz - Enclave in Planken

Vaduz - Enclave in Schaan

Vaduz - Fragment between Balzers and Schaan

Vaduz - Fragment between Gamprin, Planken and Schaan

Vaduz - Fragment between Eschen, Gamprin and Schaan

Vaduz - Fragment between Schaan, Triesen and Triesenberg


Melaka - Coastal Fragment separated by Negeri Sembilan


Gagauzia - Three enclaves in Cahul

Gagauzia - Fragment separated by Cahul


Moscow City - Eight enclaves in Moskva

Samara - Enclave in Orenburg


A'ana - Fragment separated by Aiga-I-Le-Tai

Gaga'emauga - Two fragments in island of Upolu (The district itself is in Sava'i)

Palauli - Fragment separated by Satupaitea

Va'a-o-fonoti - Fragment separated by Atua

South Africa

Eastern Cape - Enclave in Kwazulu-Natal

Kwazulu-Natal - Enclave in Eastern Cape


Barcelona - Two enclaves in Lleida

Burgos - Enclave in Alava

Burgos - Two enclaves in La Rioja

Burgos - Enclave in Palencia

Cantabria - Enclave in Vizcaya

Ciudad Real - Fragment between Badajoz and Toledo

Cordoba - Enclave in Sevilla

Girona - Enclave in Barcelona

Guadalajara - Enclave in Madrid

Lleida - Enclave in Barcelona

Madrid - Fragment between Avila and Segovia

Navarra - Two enclaves in Zaragoza

Palencia - Two enclaves in Burgos

Palencia - Two enclaves in Cantabria

Palencia - Fragment between Burgos and Cantabria

Tarragona - Enclave in Barcelona

Valencia - Fragment between Xuenca and Teruel

Valladoid - Enclave in Leon

Valladoid - Fragment between Leon and Zamora

Vizcaya - Fragment between Alava and Burgos


Jamtland - Two enclaves in Gavleborg

Jonkopings - Two enclaves in Vastra Gotaland

Ostergotland - Enclave in Kalmar

Uppsala - Enclave in Vastmanland

Vasterbotten - Enclave in Norrbotten

Vastmanland - Enclave in Uppsala


Aargau - Enclave in Zurich

Appenzell Innerrhoden - Two enclaves in Appenzell Ausserrhoden

Appenzell Innerrhoden - Two fragments between Appenzell Ausserrhoden and Saint Gallen

Bern - One enclave in Fribourg

Bern - Fragment between Fribourg and Vaud

Fribourg - Enclave in Bern

Fribourg - Three enclaves in Vaud

Fribourg - Fragment separated by Vaud

Geneva - Enclave in Vaud

Geneva - Fragment separated by Vaud

Obwalden - Fragment between Bern, Nidwalden and Uri

Saint Gallen - Enclave in Thurgau

Schaffhausen - Fragment separated by Thurgau

Schaffhausen - Fragment separated by Zurich

Solothurn - Two fragments separated by Basel-land

Thurgau - Fragment separated by Saint Gallen

Vaud - Enclave in Fribourg

Vaud - Fragment separated by Fribourg


Abu Dhabi - Part shared with Dubai

Ajman - Fragment between Sharjah and Fujairah

Ajman - Fragment separated by Sharjah and Ras al-Khaimah fragment

Ajman - Part shared with Oman (Connected to previous fragment mentioned)

Dubai - Fragment separated by Sharjah and Ras al-Khaimah fragment

Fujairah - Three fragments separated by Sharjah *

Fujairah - Part shared with Sharjah

Ras al-Khaimah - Fragment separated by Fujairah

Sharjah - Two fragments separated by Fujairah - Geographic Oddities - 12/22/2000

Sharjah - Three fragments separated by Ras al-Khaimah**

* Three fragments touch each other if shared Fujairah-Sharjah zone included

** Three fragments touch each other if shared Fujairah-Sharjah zone included


Kentucky - Fragment separated by Missouri

New York - Two enclaves in New Jersey territorial waters


Local Intersecting Borders



Saint Peter - Semi-enclave in Saint Brelade


Basel with Solothurn and Jura - Basel semi-enclave

Bern with Solothurn and Jura - Bern semi-enclave